3 Invaluable Lessons from Qualaroo’s Conversion Rate Optimization Guide

Imagine you’ve just opened up a new café. You hired designers to make it beautiful, spent a ton promoting in the local paper, and now your dreams are coming true: It’s full of customers. Only problem is, no one’s buying any coffee. The same thing can happen to your site. Most marketers spend most of […]

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How GraphicSprings Increased Their Revenue by 41% and Improved Website Conversion Rates


Challenges Three years ago, GraphicSprings embarked on a new mission to increase its revenue and improve website conversion rates by understanding user needs. They tried to understand their web visitors and leads using traditional email surveys, but the results weren’t precise. The end-to-end process—from surveying and data collection to data interpretation—was painfully slow. They simply […]

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6 Steps For Creating Messaging Customers Will Actually Respond To

When you work closely with your own product day in and day out, you think you know what all the benefits of it are. But your customers have another idea. Here is Ty Magnin from Appcues explaining how to address this disparity and create the right messaging for customers. You could have anywhere from 20 to 20,000 customers. […]

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How Customer Feedback Can Be Your Effective Growth Mechanism

This is a guest post by Stefan Mancevski from Ladder.io. Growing a business isn’t easy – it takes a broad approach across multiple growth channels, from paid to organic, content to SEO, to really build an effective growth strategy. Relying solely on one marketing channel stifles your business’s growth potential. Sometimes it can feel like throwing […]

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The Scientific Method for Finding the Perfect Landing Page


Fiverr, the creative freelance community where every service starts at $5, could see in their website analytics that visitors would come to their site but would bounce from their landing page. They just didn’t know why. Fiverr’s Growth Specialist Yoav Aziz had a theory: what if users were leaving the landing page because it was […]

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Hold the phone! You can now share LINKS to Qualaroo surveys?!


That’s right, folks. The word on the street (and in our inboxes) is that our customers want Link Surveys added to Qualaroo’s arsenal. You spoke, we listened, and now Link Surveys are a reality. The list of uses for this new feature is never-ending. Here’s what is: send a link to your customers via email, […]

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SaaStock 2016

It’s on, SaaStock 2016 is happening. Right now. In Dublin! We’re thrilled to be sponsoring and supporting this glorious gathering — some of the industries finest will be sharing how to build a better B2B SaaS business. Cheers to the good times today and tomorrow!

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Opticon Conference 2016

We had a blast at the Opticon Conference last week absorbing as much as we could and running into our awesome customers like Rise, Hootsuite, and One Medical. Cheers to a day filled with invaluable insights, stellar speakers, and a phenomenal turnout at the Drink Up we hosted with our buddies at Heap! Here’s Team Qualaroo […]

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