The Best Ways Big Companies Use Customer Feedback


Building customer loyalty isn’t just about building a better product. Customers will pay up to 60% more for your product just to have a better experience. Some of the biggest tech companies have achieved long-term success because of their obsession with customer experience. Jeff Bezos explains that, at Amazon, “[they] innovate by starting with the […]

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Survey the World Over: Qualaroo’s New Translator & Language Processing


The world is getting smaller and web businesses continue to evaporate borders…we get it. So now we’ve made surveying across multiple languages a total breeze. Gone are the days of having to translate and replicate survey campaigns in different languages manually. With Dynamic Language Selection our platform does the translating for you. Easily switch between […]

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FullStory + Qualaroo

Qualaroo Integration with Fullstory

If you want to know more about your customers’ in-app experience, integrating Qualaroo with FullStory will turbocharge your efforts. FullStory captures every click, scroll, page transition, and more so you can travel back in time and view the exact moment your user encountered a bug, abandoned a cart or exhibited behavior you would like to […]

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How to Ask For Feedback Without Annoying Your Customers


Americans receive over 7 billion survey requests per year. Only about 37% of those surveys actually get completed, at best. You value survey feedback because you use it to help your customers. But if your customers feel inconvenienced with feedback requests, they see you as being pushy instead of helpful. When feedback requests serve your […]

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What the Ketchup Bottle Can Teach You About Customer Feedback


Imagine that you’re at a diner holding a classic glass ketchup bottle. You just want a few tablespoons of ketchup for your burger. As you struggle with the bottle, either too little or too much ketchup comes out. It’s easier to complain about the glass ketchup bottle than to think of a solution — a […]

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15 Survey Questions to Plug the Leaks in Your B2C Funnel


It was easy to make customers happy when they shopped in-person. When a sales associate asked, “How can I help you?” and a customer answered, they could lead them to the right shelf. When they saw a customer headed towards the door, they could say, “Did you find what you were looking for?” During a […]

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How Hootsuite Increased Conversion By 16% With One Question


A first impression is everything. That’s why most products’ landing pages aim to communicate their product’s mission at a glance. If a landing page doesn’t prompt a lead to become a customer, it often means something got lost along the way—a customer reached the page expecting one thing, but they got something else. So when […]

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Qualaroo + Intercom = Customer Insights & Engagement Power Couple


With our new Intercom integration you now have the ability to pair Intercom messages with Qualaroo surveys. You’re able to associate an Intercom visitor ID with Qualaroo responses via our Identity API and open new Intercom messages based on survey answers with the ability to define prepopulated messages. BONUS: You can record survey events into […]

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Foreign Love Affair: Privacy Shield for the EU


We work with a lot of companies in the EU, and the question of data privacy usually comes up immediately.  Why exactly?  Well, the laws around the way data is transferred, and the exact type of data collected, differ between the US and the EU. By being an active participant of the Privacy Shield program, […]

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Further Bolstering Qualaroo Security via Okta


We recently integrated Okta as our SSO solution, allowing for a super simple way for enterprise customers to securely log in to Qualaroo with a single click. Why not just use a normal username and password?  Security is paramount to us, and we know it’s vitally important to you. Allowing thousands of employees to choose […]

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