Why Your Customer Support Team Should Help Write Your Website Copy


It’s natural to think we know why our customers make decisions. But in reality, we don’t. We guess based on our past experiences and then use this faulty data to make important business decisions. No matter what kind of analytics tools you use to understand your customers, they only tell you what the customers are […]

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How Inflow Used Segmentation Analysis to Increase Conversion Rates 23%


Most marketers think they know their customers like the back of their hand. But without hard customer segment data, they’re spending hours and hours designing a website for an audience they’re really only guessing at. If your site isn’t optimized for your most profitable personas, you’re leaving money on the table. E-commerce marketing agency Inflow […]

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RingCaptcha: How 6 Weeks of Customer Feedback Shapes Product Strategy


Building a SaaS product can be anything but intuitive. When you first start creating it, you’ll have to make many hard decisions about which features to focus on. And if you’ve already helped build large companies, it’s tempting to prioritize features that will only matter when you have millions of users. But you are wasting […]

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What Chipotle’s PR Nightmare Can Teach Your Startup


The build-your-own burrito brand Chipotle is synonymous with mixed reviews. On the one hand, it has famous brand evangelists, like this guy who ate a burrito while skydiving. [source] But on the other, after the way the chain handled outbreaks of e. coli, norovirus, and salmonella, even Chipotle admits that 5-10% of their customers probably vowed […]

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Qualaroo + Eloqua


Oracle Eloqua equips marketers with best-in-class lead and campaign management tools that help engage the right audience at the right time in the buyer’s journey while providing real-time reporting and insights. Now Qualaroo customers have the ability to push lead generation data directly to their Eloqua account. You can add a visitor’s email, first name, […]

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How to Follow Up With an NPS Survey


NPS tells you where you stand with customer loyalty—but it’s what you do with that score that determines how you’ll grow. You learn how to build your customer base when you find out the reasons for each score. When you close the loop, you discover critical mistakes that are preventing your detractors from becoming your […]

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SessionCam + Qualaroo


Qualaroo now integrates with SessionCam! SessionCam analyzes customer interaction on your website and automatically identifies potential barriers to conversion. SessionCam offers a wide variety of tools, ranging from the ability to identify where customers struggle on your site via session replay and heatmaps, to sophisticated recommendations that automatically identify the highest value issues to optimize […]

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How to Navigate the Waters of Google’s New Pop-up Regulations


Here’s the lowdown–Google’s recent mobile regulations can impact interstitials and pop-ups, and we want our customers to be well aware of the new rules so they don’t get dinged for covering up certain mobile content. Google recently made an update to its mobile-friendly search algorithm, making smartphone content visibility a ranking factor. Sites that display […]

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Which email software is best for following up on your leads?


You’ve mastered your marketing funnel. People are visiting, reading, and giving you their email for your lead nurturing campaigns. All you have to do now is send out some emails and turn that interest into sales. So you do that, and nothing happens. Only about 22% of marketing emails get opened. The click-through rate is […]

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Qualaroo + Shopify


Qualaroo is part of the Shopify App Store! If you run a Shopify store and have wanted to run a Qualaroo survey on it, it’s now extremely easy to do so. Finding out more about your potential customers as they shop for products can be a huge factor in the success of your store. You […]

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