15 Survey Questions to Plug the Leaks in Your B2C Funnel

February 14, 2017

It was easy to make customers happy when they shopped in-person.

When a sales associate asked, “How can I help you?” and a customer answered, they could lead them to the right shelf. When they saw a customer headed towards the door, they could say, “Did you find what you were looking for?” During a natural conversation, sales associates could gauge what customers were feeling and guide them to what they needed.

While most think surveys are exclusively customer feedback forms, they’re actually your online sales associate—they both gather feedback and guide customers in their conversion journey. Surveys are a whole communication channel that can make sure customers get what they need from your site.

Here’s how to help your B2C company open up that communication channel (and 15 questions you should consider asking).

Use Customer Pipeline Surveys to Increase Conversions

Conversion isn’t just one action. When someone decides to buy your product or use your service, they don’t usually just click on your website and then press “Buy Now!” Conversion is a series of steps, from checking features to looking at the pricing page to signing up for a free trial. If at any time during these steps, a customer can’t find the answer they’re looking for, they’ll leave.

You can use surveys to plug the leaks in your conversion pipeline. Customer Pipeline Surveys can simultaneously collect data about who is coming to your site, and lead those visitors to the answers they need. In this customer pipeline survey, Quizzle asks a series of questions about why a visitor came to the site—and then leads them to what they need.

First, they asked, “What brings you to Quizzle.com today?” After the visitor specifies they need credit for an auto loan, they show them a link “Get your FREE credit report to make sure your credit is ready for that auto-loan,” with a big call-to-action button. Qualaroo used branching logic, where the answer to one question determines the next question the visitor sees, to make sure everyone who filled out the pipeline survey got personally relevant information.

They A/B tested it, and the customers who were offered the pipeline survey converted 20% more. By creating a pipeline, you can make sure that visitors who need your product or service become customers.

Suggested survey questions:

1. “What brings you to [insert name of business here] today?”
2. “Which of the following describes the primary purpose of your visit?”
3. “Which of these best describes what you’re looking for?”
4. “What were you hoping to find on this page?”

Use Exit Surveys to Catch Customers Before They Leave

It’s 6-7 times more expensive to attract new customers than it is to keep existing ones. That’s why you’ve reached a crucial point when a customer is on your site—you’ve spent all that money getting them there, but now you need to keep them there.

Use a survey to make sure they see the value in your product or service before they leave. Exit surveys pop up when your potential customer moves toward the “X” button. They’re the last chance effort at a conversion—whether that’s preventing shopping cart abandonment or convincing them to sign up for a free trial.

exit survey gif


Like in this cart abandonment survey—which offers free shipping to someone who didn’t purchase because of shipping costs—once you find out what’s keeping a customer from converting, you have one last chance to fix it. From there, you could offer a discount, free shipping, or a link to more appropriate information, depending on what the customer needs.

This is both a reactive and proactive measure, fixing things live for individual customers and giving you advice on how to improve the experience for future ones.

Suggested survey questions:

5. “What’s your biggest fear or concern about using us?”
6. “Were you able to complete the primary purpose of your visit?”
7. “If you did not make a purchase today, can you tell us why not?”
8. “Is there anything that prevented you from making a purchase?”
9. “What would’ve convinced you to purchase the items in your cart?”

Use Transactional Feedback to Win Back Customers

NPS is known as the “holy grail” of customer feedback, but it’s relationship feedback, describing a customer’s relationship with a brand over time. While it’s great for B2B companies, in B2C, you need to build that relationship. And to build a good one, you need transactional feedback.

Transactional feedback, or feedback requested after a transaction, is integral to making sure customers had a good experience—and that they’ll come back for more. When a single customer buys from one site or checks out a free trial, they don’t have any obligation to ever come back. Transactional customer experience surveys begin to build that relationship, so you know whether your customer loves your product, or whether you need to win them back.

For example, this Uber survey that customers see after every ride is an easy way to aggregate customer data.

uber survey screenshot


But at the same time, if a customer filled out this survey with only one star, Uber could email the customer to offer them a discount—prompting them back for future purchases.

Because a B2C customer can leave at any time, good experiences are crucial to keeping them around. Customer experience surveys can help you improve in the short term (making the individual customer experience better) as well as the long term (making the general customer experience better).

Suggested survey questions

10. “How would you rate your experience?” (5-star rating system)
11. “How would you describe (insert company name) to a friend?”
12. “What persuaded you to purchase from us?”
13. “Based on today’s visit, how would you rate your site experience overall?”
14. “What was your biggest challenge, frustration, or problem in finding the right (insert product/service type) online?”
15. “What’s the one thing that nearly stopped you from buying from us?”

Let Surveys Be Your Sales Associate

While customer feedback is valuable for determining what your company can improve on and where it can go, it also has live-action benefits. Surveys won’t just help plan your roadmap—they’ll help you guide individual customers to what they need in real time.

In the online landscape, let surveys be your automated sales associates, and your conversion rates will thank you.

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