The Power of Understanding Customer Intent

August 7, 2012


We recently took a poll of Qualaroo users and asked: “what question has generated the most actionable insights for you?” Not surprisingly, the top three responses to this poll were all related to understanding a person’s intent.

Connecting with a visitor’s intent is one of the most effective ways to keep them engaged during the conversion process. While they are engaged, you can steer them toward a gratifying experience with your solution.

Contrast this to trying to reach someone in “the wild.” The average person sees nearly 3,000 advertisements every day. Breaking through this clutter is nearly impossible. So when someone has directed their intent toward your solution, it is essential to make sure you are connecting with that intent.

So what are some of the key questions Qualaroo customers ask to try to uncover intent?

The most common question was “what did you come to this site to do today?” The answers to this question will help you develop effective hook statements to let visitors know they will be able to achieve their objectives.

Another common question asked was “were you able to find the information you were looking for?” The value in these answers can help you bring clarity to your messaging and eliminate any barriers that may stand in the way of someone finding important information.

Finally, the question of “what can we do to make this site more useful?” is an effective catchall question, still associated with the idea of intent. According to Co-founder of Planapple Mike Edmunds, “of all the questions we’ve tried, this one has generated the highest rate of specific suggestions from [our] users. It’s a great question: broad enough to capture anything from bug reports, to feature requests, to usability issues; but simple enough that users are readily willing to answer it. And it’s applicable at nearly any stage in the customer lifecycle.”

These intent questions are best asked while a user is “in flow” on your website. In comparison to emailed surveys, real time surveys can reach users in an effective amount of time in order to provide accurate answers.

We’d love to hear from you. What questions have you asked that have helped you uncover actionable insights?

The Qualaroo team has years of collective experience in user feedback and can help you capture insights that matter – at scale.

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