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New Qualaroo Editor Giving Me a Power Trip

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sit in the main flow of your website visitors, understand their needs and direct them to the appropriate content that meets their needs? That’s exactly how I’ve been using Qualaroo since we launched the new Qualaroo editor.  And the best thing is that it has been a rapid natural evolution from the way I previously used Qualaroo.

Typical Question I Asked in the Past – A typical question that I’ve asked prospective customers in the past would be “Is there anything preventing you from starting a free trial at this point?”  I would then use the answers to run A/B tests to improve overall conversions by trying to address the key issues that users are experiencing.

However, with the new editor I found that I could start to address people’s needs much more quickly. As I read through the answers to the question above, I noticed a couple of recurring themes stated in various ways.  About 80% of the respondents mentioned one of the following:

  • I’d like to see a demo of Qualaroo
  • I’d like to learn more about the types of questions I should ask with Qualaroo

So in response to these answers, I built out the following pages/content: Qualaroo Demo Page and Qualaroo Question Guide .

Now I can Automatically Solve Recurring Themes  – Then I realized that I could reword the question to actually solve these two common recurring issues directly with the Qualaroo Nudge.  I simply reworded the question to the following:

Open ended to multiple choice


And I made it so that those people who picked “I’d like to learn more about the types of questions I should ask” or “I’d like to see a demo of Qualaroo in action” were given direct links to the information they were seeking.

These call-to-action links have been generating 30-40% click through rates.  And I continue to identify new issues through the “no it’s something else” write-in field.  Even when it’s an unstructured write-in answer, we are able to resolve their issues on the fly.  We simply offer them live chat help though an integration with Olark (soon to be available to everyone).

Promote New Functionality – When we launched the new editor, I used the question below to promote the functionality to existing users.  By asking them if they have tried the new editor, I was able to drive hundreds of users to try to new editor (in response to their “no” answer).  And for those who said “yes” I was able to collect feedback.

Have you triedGuiding Users Around Site – I’ve actually tracked some users who responded to a Nudge on our blog that led them to an overview on the site, that then led them into detailed content for a specific need and ultimately signed up for a trial via a Nudge.  And within some of the answers I’ve identified qualified prospects that were ready to connect with our sales team.

This power to understand users and affect their journey through the site is very empowering.  And I know I’m just scratching the surface in terms of what I’ll be doing with it in a few month.

If you’d like to brainstorm with me about how you can better use the new Qualaroo to meet your needs, just drop me a note at Ellis@qualaroo.com or post a comment below.


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