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Qualaroo/Google Analytics Integration Driving Insights and Conversions for Leading Analytics Firm

There has been a lot of excitement about our recent integration that ties Qualaroo feedback to actual user behavior tracked in Google Analytics.  In fact, E-Nor, a leading web analytics consulting firm, wrote a detailed blog post on exactly how they are using it.  If you’re not familiar with E-Nor, you’ll recognize their clients such as  Sony, Intuit, ADP, VMware, MIT, and SanDisk.

E-Nor is using a Qualaroo Nudge to ask their client’s visitors if they were able to accomplish the goal they had when they came to the site. Then they use the events that Qualaroo recorded in Google Analytics to create a segment, along with the channel that brought the visitors to the site and other behavioral data. The free text comment that the respondents were invited to provide made the issues that prevented them from accomplishing their goals even more clear.

This is a great example of combining quantitative and qualitative data, and the method is well worth studying. Read the full post here.




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