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Introducing Qualaroo’s New Integration with Optimizely Audiences for Personalized Web Experiences

Today we’re excited to announce our new integration with Optimizely Audiences. Now you can use visitors’ answers to Qualaroo surveys to personalize their experience on subsequent website visits. This makes it easy to personalize on visitor attributes that aren’t immediately obvious based on clickstream data. For example, a SaaS company with a sales process that […]

Introducing Qualaroo Service on Zapier

Using your Qualaroo data with over 200 business web applications just became easier with our new Qualaroo service on Zapier. Zapier makes it easy for non-developers to connect the various web services they use to power their business.  You do this by creating “zaps” – automated tasks that make two services work together. A zap […]

Qualaroo Launches Reporting API

We hear repeatedly from customers that they want to integrate Qualaroo data with other applications they are using to run their businesses. The requests range from automatically adding new subscribers to a mailing list in MailChimp, to creating a new contact or updating an existing one in a CRM system like SalesForce. Other requests include […]

New Forms Feature Helps You Get More Leads

Qualaroo now makes it easy to create great looking lead gen forms and insert them anywhere in a Nudge.  While many of our customers have used Qualaroo to generate leads in the past, most of those programs were limited to collecting an email address.  The new Qualaroo lead gen form allows you to easily add […]

3 Ways to Use the New Qualaroo Chat Integrations

UPDATE 4-15-13: Qualaroo now integrates with LiveChat too. UPDATE 3-26-13: Qualaroo now integrates with SnapEngage too. We’re excited to announce the availability of live chat integrations with Qualaroo.  We now make it possible to channel very specific user types into live chat sessions using either Olark or ZopIM. Here are three ways you can benefit […]