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How Qualaroo Helped E-Nor Gain Insights

Over the past 10 years, E-Nor has become a leader in web analytics and digital marketing optimization consultation for a wide variety of clients such as Sony, Harvard University, Intuit and more. Their blog on ecommerce analytics is a must read for any company selling online. As analytics experts they know that actionable data reveals insights that […]

Content Marketing Not Converting? Hakuna Matata

With the explosion of content marketing in recent years, it’s not surprising that inbound marketers are realizing the importance of creating interesting content that appeals to their target market. However, most are falling short in using that content to drive measurable interest in their core offering.   Are you caught in the trap of creating […]

Google Encrypting All Keyword Searches? Don’t Panic

When first reading the news that Google was going to keep secure all search activity (except for AdWords), I immediately thought of sending out a mass email to Silicon Valley based marketers to go rioting on the grounds of Google’s Headquarters. Ok – maybe not that extreme, but I’m sure I share the sentiments of […]

Qualaroo/Google Analytics Integration Driving Insights and Conversions for Leading Analytics Firm

There has been a lot of excitement about our recent integration that ties Qualaroo feedback to actual user behavior tracked in Google Analytics.  In fact, E-Nor, a leading web analytics consulting firm, wrote a detailed blog post on exactly how they are using it.  If you’re not familiar with E-Nor, you’ll recognize their clients such as […]

How Segment.io Helped Qualaroo Integrate With Over 20 Analytics Products in One Day

The proliferation of marketing tools in recent years has been a mixed blessing for marketers.  On one hand additional tools make everyone’s lives easier, but on other hand customer data is often silo-ed in individual tools that don’t talk to each other.  While this is frustrating for marketers, it’s also a missed opportunity for the […]