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New Forms Feature Helps You Get More Leads

Qualaroo now makes it easy to create great looking lead gen forms and insert them anywhere in a Nudge.  While many of our customers have used Qualaroo to generate leads in the past, most of those programs were limited to collecting an email address.  The new Qualaroo lead gen form allows you to easily add […]

Using Qualaroo to Prioritize and Launch New Features

Successful companies are constantly trying to help customers get more value from their product.  This requires both adding new features to a product and helping customer discover and understand the features that already exist. Prioritize feature development When launching new features it is important to actually introduce ones that matter to your customers.  Most of […]

3 Ways to Use the New Qualaroo Chat Integrations

UPDATE 4-15-13: Qualaroo now integrates with LiveChat too. UPDATE 3-26-13: Qualaroo now integrates with SnapEngage too. We’re excited to announce the availability of live chat integrations with Qualaroo.  We now make it possible to channel very specific user types into live chat sessions using either Olark or ZopIM. Here are three ways you can benefit […]

New Qualaroo Editor Giving Me a Power Trip

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sit in the main flow of your website visitors, understand their needs and direct them to the appropriate content that meets their needs? That’s exactly how I’ve been using Qualaroo since we launched the new Qualaroo editor.  And the best thing is that it has been a rapid […]

The Online Marketing Arms Race

Online marketing was pretty easy when I first started doing it in 1996.  It wasn’t rocket science that you should test ads for response rates and measure conversions (the deeper the better). But surprisingly a lot of people weren’t following this process.  Considering that there was less than $20 per year competing for the attention […]