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Introducing Qualaroo Service on Zapier

Using your Qualaroo data with over 200 business web applications just became easier with our new Qualaroo service on Zapier. Zapier makes it easy for non-developers to connect the various web services they use to power their business.  You do this by creating “zaps” – automated tasks that make two services work together. A zap […]

Qualaroo Launches Reporting API

We hear repeatedly from customers that they want to integrate Qualaroo data with other applications they are using to run their businesses. The requests range from automatically adding new subscribers to a mailing list in MailChimp, to creating a new contact or updating an existing one in a CRM system like SalesForce. Other requests include […]

Qualaroo/Google Analytics Integration Driving Insights and Conversions for Leading Analytics Firm

There has been a lot of excitement about our recent integration that ties Qualaroo feedback to actual user behavior tracked in Google Analytics.  In fact, E-Nor, a leading web analytics consulting firm, wrote a detailed blog post on exactly how they are using it.  If you’re not familiar with E-Nor, you’ll recognize their clients such as […]

How Segment.io Helped Qualaroo Integrate With Over 20 Analytics Products in One Day

The proliferation of marketing tools in recent years has been a mixed blessing for marketers.  On one hand additional tools make everyone’s lives easier, but on other hand customer data is often silo-ed in individual tools that don’t talk to each other.  While this is frustrating for marketers, it’s also a missed opportunity for the […]

How To Use Qualaroo and Optimizely Together

We are big fans of Optimizely for running A/B tests on web pages. Like Qualaroo, it is one of the tools that empower marketers to be less dependent on engineering to improve website conversion rates.  In fact, the two tools become even more powerful when you use them together.  Many of our customers use Qualaroo to identify […]